Course Work During Lockdown

Posted on 26th Jan 2021

Slievenamon Golf Club Course Maintenance Plan 2021 Every year as Spring approaches, golfers start preparing for the year ahead, dust off our clubs and debate who might win the Masters in April. This year there is such uncertainty around when we might get back on the Course and we can only hope it will be sooner rather than later. At Slievenamon we have been busy throughout the various lockdowns and during the current one as well. Our Course Maintenance Team under head Greenkeeper Paul Kenny have been steadfast in their determination to present the Course in the best possible condition whenever the authorities have opened golf courses and they have done a superb job on behalf of Members in that regard. As might be expected, Course work at Slievenamon must continue even during the long winter months. Greens have to be cored, cut, hollow tined, sanded and treated for disease and infestation, bunkers have to be maintained and other work carried out in line with our Course Maintenance Plan. Paul Kenny and his team continue putting huge effort into their work throughout this enforced period of lockdown to ensure that all the necessary maintenance work is completed and additional projects are followed through. The following work is currently underway: Greens • Verti-Cut in 2 directions at - 3mm • Hollow Coring • Topdressing - Heavy (Sand) • Overseeding • Granular fertilizer application, along with regular Foliar spray feeding Tees • Scarifying all tees. Thatch removal • Solid tining all tees with ¾ “ tine to 6” inch depth • Topdressing (Sand) • Overseeding with Perennial Rye Grass • Granular Fertiliser application Approaches • Solid tining all approaches with ¾ “ tine to 6” depth • Granular Fertiliser application 10th and 11th • Continuing the clearance of the trees between both holes • Removal of all the tress that have been cleared • Once the ground allows, scraping the area to clear all debris along with the ivy to improve playability and to allow for regular mowing maintenance Drains • Cleaning up all the main drains on the Course, digging out the base of each drain and scraping the sides. This will improve the appearance of the drain, and will allow for easy ball retrieval as well as improving water flow throughout the drains • Once the drains are cleared, the irrigation lines will be buried in the base of the drains so that regular upkeep can be carried out going forward without the risk of damaging the irrigation lines. The speed at which this work can be completed is weather dependent, and significant effort is being put into ensuring that every aspect of the work is carried out to the highest standards to ensure maximum benefit to golfers once we open up for play again. January 2021