Paul's Blog February 2020

Posted on 6th Feb 2020

Over the Winter months, while the weather has not always been favourable, we’ve used the time out from mowing duties to complete a number of tasks around the Course. The following is a brief update on the work that has been carried out. • We have cleared the sinkhole on the 6th hole • We cut back the ditch running down the left of the 6th Fairway and the opposite side along from the Men’s 9th tee to the ladies 9th tee. • We cleared the drain to the back of the 12th green and thinned out the ditch to allow more light into the Green, while also making it easier to retrieve golf balls. • We removed the overhanging branches on the approach to the 10th green. • We cleared the waste area to the right of the 15th Green - once ground conditions improve, excess soil will be removed and we will prepare for seeding. • We removed the mound at the back of the 2nd tee box. The idea of this is to extend the tee box back and to use the surplus soil to fix the G.U.R on the right-hand side of the 2nd and also to build up and grade the back of the 16th Green so that it can be maintained by the mowers. As we head towards Spring, depending on the weather we have a few more projects that we hope to be able to carry out, and I will provide a further update as soon as these are completed. In the meantime, soil tests have been carried out on the Greens and are currently in the AG Labs in Boston for analysis. Once I receive the results from these, I will provide an update with regard to the plans for spring renovations for the Greens. You will be aware of the huge effort that is put in in by both myself and Michael Walsh in maintaining and upgrading the Course. With all this time, effort and money being put into this work, it is disheartening that some Players still neglect to repair pitch marks, replace divots and rake bunkers. I have explained before the damage this behaviour causes and it is not only a cost to the Owners, it also impacts on the enjoyment of other Players on the Course. I will repeat my request that all pitch marks be repaired, divots replaced and bunkers raked after use, please. Paul Kenny Head Greenkeeper