The Golf Club

Situated in the scenic and picturesque surroundings of the Slievenamon mountain range, Slievenamon Golf Club, Lisronagh, is a welcoming and friendly golf club where everyone from beginners to seasoned players are made feel at ease.


Located approximately five miles from Clonmel on the main Clonmel to Fethard road, Slievenamon Golf Club is easily accessible and provides ample car parking and full clubhouse facilities. Great consideration was given to the surrounding countryside and features of the land when designing the layout of the 90 acre, 18-hole, par 67 course. A one-acre Ring Fort has remained untouched and there is a preservation order on the 4th as it is a natural habitat for various wildlife. Add to that, the beauty of the Slievenamon Mountains overlooking the course.


It is difficult not to be impressed with the magnificent greens at Slievenamon Golf Club and it should be noted that they are exceptionally well maintained. The greens are of a very high standard and all greens and tee boxes are raised, leaving the course largely playable all year round. The clubhouse is staffed at all times for refreshments or any assistance required.


Slievenamon Golf Course is a relatively flat course and considered not too difficult for the beginner but at the same time challenging for the experienced player. It has been said, of the course, that it is easy to walk and difficult to play! At present Dinny Burke holds the course with a par 65. Anyone interested in challenging this record can do so by calling the club and arranging a game with a member!